3CX: How to Chat on the Web Client

Oct 27, 2021

3CX: How to Chat on the Web Client

The built-in “Chat” function enables you to send and receive messages to colleagues and web visitors if you have configured the 3CX Live Chat & Talk plugin on your website.

  1. Log into your Web Client.
  2. Click Chat (or the chat icon) on the left side menu.
    Note: The blue number indicates the number of unread chats. 
  3. The Web Client will now display your chat history.mceclip1.png
    Note: The blue number indicates the number of unread messages.
  4. Click the chat you would like to interact with or press the compose chat icon to start a new chat.mceclip0.png

Chat Actions 

Select the Menu icon next to a chat to perform an action.
Note: Some options are only available when using the Integrated Website Chat.

  • “Transfer” the discussion to another user.
  • “End chat session” with a website visitor.
  • “Archive” moves a conversation to your archives folder without deleting it.
  • “Delete” the selected chat discussion and confirm to remove.
  • Block anonymous user” -  select the time period and reason to block the user’s IP for calls and messages.

Chat Settings

Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Chat Settings” to configure:

  • “Notifications” - select to show chat toaster and/or web notifications
  • “Play chat notification” - enable and select a personalized notification sound.
  • “Block Users” - select users or extensions to block from messaging you.

Chatting from the People Screen

From the People screen, press the chat icon next to a user you wish to instant message.