HDMeet v1.1.2 Release Notes

Dec 13, 2021


TelWare is proud to announce the release of HDMeet 1.1.2. In this release, we focused on adding breakout rooms, facial expression stats, and other new features.

Sometimes browsers cache data that could lead to some odd or missing user interfaces after an upgrade. Before you get started, you may need to clear your cache.

Breakout Rooms*

Moderators can use breakout rooms to divide a larger meeting into smaller groups. With HDMeet's breakout rooms, your team can have collaborative space and dedicated workspace like they would in an office environment. Participants can freely move themselves between breakout rooms, just like they can move between rooms in the office. This leaves the moderator with time to, well, moderate.

Breakouts graphic
Breakout Room Moderator Features
  • Create breakout rooms - Create as many rooms as needed with a simple click of a button!
  • Move Participants - Move participants as needed into rooms.
  • Automatically Assigned Participants to Rooms - Automatically divide the meeting attendees equally into the breakout rooms you've created.
  • Delete Room - Remove rooms when you're done using them. Once a room is deleted, participants in that room will be placed back in the main meeting room.
Participating in Breakout Rooms
  • Move Around - Move into, out of, and between rooms as needed to collaborate with your teammates.
  • Screen Share - Use HDMeet's screen sharing, with no limit to how many participants can share at the same time.
  • Chat - Each breakout room comes with its own chat, allowing you to communicate without disrupting others.

Facial Recognition Stats

This feature uses facial recognition technology to show facial expression statistics in the Speaker Stats panel.

HDMeet Speaker Stats and Facial Expression Stats

Note: Your camera must be enabled to receive facial expression stats. 

Other New Features

    • Meeting transcriptions* are now available for download after meetings and webinars.
    • Added the ability to search in the participant's list and speaker stats panel.
    • Added tile toggle for HDMeet webinars.
    • Create a desktop app with Progressive Web App support.
    • Added the ability to hide your own video.
    • Moderators now have the option to mute reaction sounds for all participants.
    • Redesign video quality dialog & change dialog background color.

* These features are only available on certain license levels.

Resolved Issues

    • Corrected forgot password user interface.
    • Set cursor focus on the join button.

Known Issues

  • HDMEET-420: Must be logged out to get the PWA to install prompt.
  • HDMEET-419: Must press return or “,” to add participant email.