Using the 3CX iOS App

Oct 28, 2021

Using the 3CX iOS App

If you haven't installed the app yet, do that first.

Managing Calls


The 3CX iOS App enables you to communicate effectively with:

  1. “Status” - browse and tap on the name of a colleague to call.
  2. “Contacts” - select a contact to view info and tap on the phone number to call.
  3. “Keypad” - directly dial numbers to “Call”.
  4. “Recents” - review call activity and tap entries on the list to call.
  5. Messages - message and exchange documents with colleagues and web visitors.

Status & Forwarding Rules

To set your status and automatically configure call forwarding, tap on your profile image on the sidebar menu to select.

Set Status Menu Options on 3CX App for iOS

The default forwarding rules are:

  • “Available” - ready to receive calls.
  • “Away” - temporarily unavailable, divert to voicemail.
  • “Do Not Disturb” - divert to voicemail.
  • “Lunch” - set a custom status.
  • “Business Trip” - set a second custom status.


Personalize your 3CX App by tapping on “Settings” to set your account, audio, and theme options:

  • Accounts - select the default account, edit, activate, and switch between accounts.

Note: Edit your account by tapping on your profile name on the upper left of the “Keypad” screen.

  • Audio Options - configure advanced audio and device settings.
  • Application Theme - choose between the Black“Grey” or “White” theme.